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Adam West talks Autism Advocacy and Catwoman

Adam West is lending his famous voice to Sound Off for Autism Speaks. The Batman actor tells us why this cause is so important to him and answers some questions about his six-decade career.
October 11, 2013

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Why did you choose to participate in the Sound Off for Autism Speaks fundraiser?

It's becoming too prevalent in our society. As an actor-communicator I am deeply saddened to see autistic kids struggling to communicate. There are too many of them without help.

Ed Asner is a big supporter of Autism Speaks; could you tell me about your friendship with him? What has that relationship taught you about autism?

Ed and I have been in the same racket for 50 years. We go way back. It's tough to see an old pal have to deal with this in his own family. Thankfully, he's made many folks more aware of this developmental problem and I' m sure he's sped up valuable research to find a cure.

Which character was more fun to play--Batman or Mayor Adam West?

Nothing about acting is fun unless you make it fun creatively. Both characters just have fun in quite different ways. Batman is crazy and Mayor West is terminally quirky.

Who was your favorite Catwoman-Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt or Lee Meriwether?

I've fortunately been able to combine all three in my imagination. This gives me the most talented and seductive Catwoman any mere mortal man would ever encounter.

You've hilariously played yourself in many animated series and your fans love it but do you ever get tired of playing Adam West?

Thank you. I think funny. No, I don't get tired of playing Adam West. Just send the check please. It's harder to play yourself than another character. It's a tight-wire.

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