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Ad Council Creates Autism Awareness Widget

October 08, 2008

The Ad Council recently created an autism awareness widget as part of the Exponential Action Network (EAN), a new social networking component of its public service campaigns. Historically, the Ad Council has produced and distributed public service advertisements (PSAs) about its various causes across media outlets including TV, radio, magazine, newspaper, outdoor and Web, but EAN represents the first time it will be tapping into peer-to-peer communications created by online social networks. Autism Speaks' autism awareness campaign is among those

campaigns selected for inclusion in this new network. Through the creation of an autism awareness widget, users will have an opportunity to become further engaged in Autism Speaks' advocacy efforts.

What is a Widget?

Widgets are small interactive applications that can be integrated within a third party website by downloading a small snippet of code. A widget can transport ‘live' content (such as feeds, links and images) from a third party site without the web site owner having to update. Incorporated into social networks, blogs, wikis and personal homepages, widgets enhance people's personal web experiences and also the web experiences of visitors to their personal sites.

Each EAN Widget will serve several purposes:

  • Build communities around each individual cause and display them in a simple, clear graphic
  • Encourage multiple viewings and interest around these communities through live updates of their growth
  • Disseminate existing Ad Council public service advertisements and promotional materials
  • Encourage viewers to join these communities by making the EAN widget easy to share

How Does it Work?

To embed the autism awareness widget visit and choose “autism awareness” as the cause you would like to support. Follow the prompts to post to the social networking profile/blog of your choice or send to a friend. Once you have posted the widget, the Voices tab will track and display the size of its exponentially growing support network in real-time. A "share or embed this widget" link on this tab makes it easy for other users to embed and share the widget wherever they are viewing it. The campaign tab includes PSA assets and links, including streaming video and audio.

To view the Ad Council autism awareness campaign, click here.