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Above The Call Of Duty To Help Birthday Boy With Autism

February 23, 2014

Logan Pearson, a non-verbal boy with autism from Andover, Massachusetts, has gone 11 years without people celebrating his birthday. His 12th birthday was one to remember! Watch the CBS Boston coverage of Logan's special day below.

Logan's mother Cathy Strickland Pearson wrote a blog about his big Birthday celebration:

"During our trip to the lunch celebration I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing it was – as we had gotten into our car, it seemed each way I turned my head I saw a person in uniform, a PD cruiser or heard some talk of "Logan" on a nearby police radio. “Is this really happening?” I thought. We drove with an ear-to-ear grin as we looked at all of the police cars around us. 

WOW! It was really happening. I kept stealing glances over at Logan with his wide grin and curious eyes searching for the flashing lights and sirens. Oncoming cars lined up and watch as we passed by.

As soon as we arrived, I realized that it was no small lunch! Media crews were outside along with officers representing a minimum 10 other Police departments! WOW! All this for Logan?! I just couldn't believe they would take time away from their families, time out of their weekend for us.

I know these first responders have a tough job. I know this because they are the ones overseeing my son's tracking/ monitoring device. Logan is a child who wanders. The fact that Logan has not been "missing" is a tribute to these men and women wearing blue! Not only do they protect him when he needs it, but they are pro-active in preventing that situation. So, it is just fitting that THEY throw HIM a party! We love Police Officers and Fire Fighters! They just ROCK! The lines of police officers inside this restaurant just floored me! I had no idea what to expect. The white gloves, the swat gear, the radios, cords, badges, the brotherhood of so many police departments and fire departments throughout Massachusetts coming together for OUR son. Logan, the boy often overlooked or quickly dismissed once people find out he is non-verbal and autistic.

As I sit and read through the remaining cards that were sent from around the world- I stop and realize what an impact this is having on my younger two children. They can already see how much my husband and I love and care for Logan. But NOW they see other people reaching out to someone who could never do for them what they are doing- What a ripple effect this will have for GENERATIONS! What an amazing year this will be for our sweet Logan. THANK YOU!"

Watch Logan spend his "Toys R Us" gift card as he wears his Autism Speaks cape on his special day.

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