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89 Celebrities Supporting Autism Through Chocolate!

April 11, 2014

(April 11, 2014) -- Autism Speaks is collaborating with Lindt Chocolate USA to help make a difference in our community. On April 4th, Lindt along with host Nick Lachey, launched the 5th Lindt Gold Bunny Celebrity auction in New York City. Now through April 14th you can bid for a chance to win porcelain versions of the iconic Lindt Gold Bunny autographed by one of your favorite celebrities! 100% of the proceeds from the auction go back to support our mission here at Autism Speaks. 

Nearly 100 of today's best celebrities have already committed their time to making this auction a reality! You can check out the full list here. Celebrities you can bid on include...

Bid on Tom Hanks auction item here

Bid on Roger Federer's auction item here

Bid on Sarah Jessica Parker's auction item here

Bid on Blake Shelton's auction item here

Bid on Deron Williams auction item here

Bid on Celine Dion's auction item here

Bid on Lauren Conrad's auction item here

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