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5 Must-See Videos About Autism of 2014

December 11, 2014

VIDEO: 39 Seconds of Sweetness Between Boy and Girl with Autism

Life is much different for Maddie and Matthew than it is for typically developing kids. Having said that, what I see in this video is a 10 year-old girl who wants to be a good friend. And I see an 11 year-old boy who has fallen for the charms of a pretty girl. Autism spectrum or not, that seems pretty typical to me. Read the full blog here.

Touching Video Explores Being a Dad to a Child with Autism

New media company SoulPancake produces a video series called The Fatherhood Project where filmmaker Corbyn Tyson explores what it means to be a good dad. The latest installment in the series follows Matt Oakes' parenting journey with his son Liam. Liam was recently diagnosed with autism and Verbal Apraxia.

VIDEO: Golden Retriever Puppies help Students with Autism

The non-profit organization Paws4People are sending golden retriever puppies to The Lionheart School in Alpharetta, Ga to help their students with autism. The partnership they have formed, called LionPaws will help these students in relationship to forming social and emotional connections. Read the full story here.

Animated Simulation Helps You Experience Sensory Overload

 "It is hard to appreciate what it is like to be in the shoes of someone with ASD," said Dr. Paul Wang, Autism Speaks senior vice president and head of medical research. "To the extent that these simulations can illustrate how noxious sensory stimulation can be for individuals with ASD, they may help the general population to better understand the difficulty of living with ASD." See more videos here.

Dashcam Video: Hero Cop Saves Boy with Autism

A Plano, Texas police officer is being called a hero after astonishing dashcam video from his squad car was released to the public. The video shows 8-year-old Bradley Brooks running alone on a busy 6-lane street. Read the full story here.