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'Spin for Safety' Getting fit and helping keep kids safe

March 29, 2014

Young NYC Influencers Team up with Non-Profit Autism Speaks and host charity spin classes to raise funds for emergency tool kits for families in the NYC Metro area.

Many New Yorkers were struck by the recent tragedy of Avonte Oquendo, the reality of wandering is something the autism community lives with every single day. In response to this, a group of local Generation Y influencers have created an initiative to benefit Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, in hopes of preventing similar tragedies. Close to 50 percent of individuals with autism are prone to wandering, and it is an issue that requires increased safety measures at homes and schools.

On Saturday the "Spin for Safety" event at Swerve Fitness, a new and popular spin studio in the Flatiron district of New York City raised over $7,000 for Autism Speaks. The spin classes were full of fitness excitement as a DJ spinning electrifying tunes and a cocktail reception awaited them after their workout. All the funds raised will go towards providing emergency tool kits and resources for families with autistic children who are at risk of wandering off within the NYC area.

Charity donors for the cocktail reception include: Bloomingdale’s, DJ Alex Cecil, Liquiteria and Broadway Catering and Sweaty Betty.

The “Spin for Safety” host committee was led by Arielle Patrick, 24, a native New Yorker who was greatly affected by the tragedy of the missing child, and brainstormed this initiative before approaching Autism Speaks and Swerve Fitness with her idea. The following committee names are a group of rising entrepreneurs and corporate influencers: Peter Davis, Oliver Estreich, Annabelle Caufman Soudavar, Sims Lansing, Savannah Engel, Liza Gates, Carey Dorman, Isabela Garcez, Bree Sterne, Rachel Goldman, Carola Mason Beeney, Eric Taylor III, Madeleine Haddon, Edith Lederman, Nicholas Slavin. 


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