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'6 Tips for Talking about Controversial Autism Topics' Highlighted by SF Gate

July 07, 2014

(July 7, 2014) -- In a blog written on the SF Gate by writer and autism advocate Laura Shumaker, she discusses '6 tips for talking about controversial autism topics' in the community. Laura talks about that, when you are a parent of a child with autism, it is helpful to have strategies for handling these moments gracefully. You can read her original post here. An excerpt of Laura's post list is below. Laura writes...

1. Know your stuff

The more you know about autism, knowledge you have obtained from reliable sources, the better prepared you will be for such discussions. 

2. Keep an open mind

Maybe you have tried a gluten-free dairy free diet for your child, but gave up after one day. A friend tells you how much better her child is behaving on the diet and that you should try it again. Whether or not you plan on trying the diet again, address your concerns with your friend and ask questions. People love to share their knowledge, and you might learn something that could help you down the road. 

3. If all else fails, excuse yourself politely. 

Your child is having a raging meltdown in aisle three of the grocery store, and a passerby tells you he's a spoiled brat. Or your uncle's third wife's cousin tells you she knows all about autism, and that you must be a refriegrator mother. It is not a perfect world, and there will be times when saying nothing and disengaging is the best strategy. Do that. And then go buy yourself some flowers.