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PennWell Announces Partnership with Autism Speaks

December 10, 2008

Media company PennWell presented a check to Autism Speaks on December 2, 2008, representing the proceeds from a new dental course and the beginning of an ongoing relationship. This summer, they featured “Building Bridges: Dental Care for Patients with Autism” as a course in two of their dental publications, Dental Economics and RDH. The course taught highly relevant information on the signs and symptoms of autism and ways to accommodate the special needs that may be present in patients with autism.

Autism Speaks National Director of Corporate Relations, Scott Leibowitz. flanked by PennWell's Aldo Eagle, VP of Continuing Education (l) and Dr. Michael Florman, Education Consultant and Orthodontist (r).

“Patients with autism are often a challenge for the dental clinician to treat,” said Aldo Eagle, VP of Continuing Education for PennWell. “Dr. Florman and I saw a great need to bring education to this area of dentistry.”

Dental professionals can expect to see at least seven to eight patients with autism on average in a given year, based on the prevalence of autism. The course contained information on the dental implications for treating patients with autism and strategies that can enable successful care for these patients.

“Karen Raposa and Ann-Marie DePalma donated their time to create this educational piece,” said Eagle. “I called on industry friends to cover the printing and PennWell agreed to donate 50% of the revenue for each course taken to Autism Speaks.” The team responsible for this partnership is hopeful that their efforts will make a difference in the lives of those affected by autism.