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YouTube Launches Non Profit Program, Features Autism Speaks Channel

"Open Your Eyes" Video Featured on Home Page
September 27, 2007

On Thurs., Sept. 27 YouTube debuted a new program called the YouTube Nonprofit Program, which allows nonprofit organizations to create special channels on Autism Speaks was selected as one of the 13 initial participants in the program. The new program will make it even easier for people to find, watch and engage with non-profit video content on the site. Participating organizations will also be able to add a Google Checkout donation button to their pages, enabling watchers to donate from the YouTube site. Channels employing this donation option will receive 100 percent of donated funds, as Google has committed to processing donations for free through at least the end of 2008.

Autism Speaks, with its recently launched YouTube channel AutismSpeaksVids,was featured along with organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the March of Dimes onYouTube's home page, as part of the launch. The featured video from AutismSpeaksVids was "Open Your Eyes," a music video from rapper Sean Delaney, who works with children with special needs in upstate New York.

Open Your Eyes
Lyrics and composition by Sean Delaney
Directed by Gary Malik
Beat by Lou Towart, Studio 31 Productions

Sean Delaney is a musician as well as a direct support professional with the Special Needs Program in upstate New York. After spending several years working with adults with autism and other developmental disabilities, he felt compelled to speak to his generation. This song is a plea to his peers to open their eyes and encourage them to become more aware and involved with this rapidly growing population.

Please visit his myspace site for more information about Sean and his music.