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Letter from Autism Speaks Co-founder Bob Wright in New York Post

November 20, 2007

The following letter from Autism Speaks co-founder Bob Wright appeared in the New York Post on Wednesday, November 21. The letter was in response to the column,
"Count the Casualties Before You Crusade,"
which appeared in the Post on November 14.

For every child who is misdiagnosed, thousands will be identified early enough to start them on therapies that will help them realize their potential.

Approximately 50 percent of children who start early intervention by age three will gain enough skills to be mainstreamed by kindergarten.

Early diagnosis and intervention are the best weapons we have in the fight against a disorder that is growing in prevalence and continues to confound our best scientific minds.

Take those weapons away and we'll be back to the era when society blamed parents for autism and considered affected individuals throwaways.

Bob Wright
Co-Founder Autism Speaks Manhattan

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