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Calls to Action


January 21, 2008

ABC News' "Nightline" will air a report on Wednesday, January 23, on girls with autism. According to ABC, Correspondent John Donvan and producer Caren Zucker's report will explore the belief of several researchers and psychologists they spoke with that there are many girls with autism who are either going undiagnosed or being misdiagnosed with other disorders. The report "takes an in-depth look at how girls and boys are brought up culturally, and how these differences could contribute to a misdiagnosis in girls, resulting in the harsh reality that we just don't know how many cases of girls with autism really exist."

Nightline's report airs on ABC News' "World News with Charles Gibson" at 6:30pm (ET) and then on "Nightline," Wednesday, January 23, at 11:35pm (ET/PT).