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"The Today Show" Airs Three-Day Series on Autism

April 16, 2009

On Wednesday, April 15, NBC's “The Today Show” began the first of a three-day series called “Autism: Breaking Barriers.”

Wednesday morning's segment discussed robot and other virtual reality type technologies as possible interventions for autism. The segment included the work of Nilanjan Sarkar, Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University. Autism Speaks is proud to support the work of Dr. Sarkar, and also support other advances in technology that help those affected with autism through the

ITA - Innovative Technology for Autism Initiative.

View Wednesday's segment below.

Thursday's segment discussed designing sensory spaces for children with autism. Dr. Nancy Snyderman found out what one mother is doing for her child. They discuss how designing a space around her child was helping him to better adjust to his environment.

View Thursday's segment below.

On Friday, Karen Siff Exkorn, author of The Autism Sourcebook, appeared with her family to discuss her son Jake's “recovery” from autism. While only a small percentage of children recover, research is being done by Deborah Fein, M.D. and her team at the University of Connecticut in the hopes that more children will recover in the future. According to Dr. Fein, to be considered “recovered,” the child must no longer fit the criteria for any ASD and is learning and applying a core set of skills at a level and with a quality that reaches the trajectory of typical development in most or all areas.

View the segment below.