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TiVo Features Autism Awareness Campaign

April 23, 2007

TV Service Brings Autism Awareness Campaign to Millions of Users


Autism Speaks Ad Council Public Awareness Campaign is featured as the starred item in the TiVo Central menu.

Autism Speaks' Ad Council public service campaign is now running on TiVO, reaching approximately 4 million users. The ads seek to raise awareness of the fact that autism is much more common than many people think. It urges parents to learn the developmental milestones children should be reaching and to talk to their doctor if they suspect a developmental delay. According to the CDC, autism is now diagnosed in 1 in 166 people.

The Autism Speaks multi-year Ad Council public service advertising campaign launched in April and is running across all media platforms, including print, broadcast, cable, radio and the internet. The campaign was created pro bono by advertising agency BBDO, in conjunction with the CDC and the Ad Council.

“We're grateful to TiVo for their assistance in helping us to get the message out about autism through every possible avenue,” said Suzanne Wright, co-founder of Autism Speaks. “Our goal is to reach every parent, every family member, every friend, every teacher and every caregiver of a young child to make them aware that autism has become an epidemic and that by knowing and recognizing the early signs and getting help, they can change a child's future.”