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Autism Speaks in the Top 25 for American Express: The Members Project

Cast your vote for “A Cure for Autism”
July 16, 2007

"A Cure for Autism" is one of the top 25 semifinalists in American Express's Members Project, which aims to unite American Express card members behind one cause. Autism Speaks is the "Fulfilling Organization" for the project, which was submitted by the mother of nine-year-old twin boys with autism. American Express will contribute $1 to the winning project for each card member who registers on the project's website, up to $5 million.

Join American Express cardholders to cast your vote for “A Cure for Autism”. You can vote for one project per voting elimination round (round 1: Top 50 to Top 25, round 2: Top 25 to Top 5, round 3: Top 5 to Winning idea). Your vote, along with the votes of all participating card members, will ultimately determine the winning idea, to be announced on August 7th.

Cast your vote for this round, prior to 11:50PM EST on July 22. You need to vote each and every round for this worthy project to win!

for "A Cure for Autism" and Autism Speaks.