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Photo Gallery 1 - National Leadership Conference 2006

May 10, 2007

Emanuel DiCicco-Bloom, Autism Speaks board member and Scientific Affairs Committee member (at left) with Gary Goldstein, Autism Speaks clinical scientific advisor and chair of the committee.

Bob and Suzanne Wright with Karen and Eric London


Members of the Autism Speaks UK delegation (from l-r) Hillary Gilroy, Su Thomas and Lynn Hart

Chief Science Officer Andy Shih with CFO Tom Hetzel and Dr. Michael Alessandri, former NAAR board member and co-chair of the 2006 Miami walk.

Autism Speaks Senior Vice President Alison Singer (left) with Scientific Affairs Committee members Barry Gordon and Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp

Autism Speaks Executive Vice President Glenn Tringali during the opening night awards ceremony

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