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Calls to Action

Middle School Students Harvest Pennies

Long Island Students Donate to Autism Speaks
April 23, 2007

On May 25, 2006, students from W.T. Clarke Middle School in Westbury, NY presented Autism Speaks with a $150 donation from their Penny Harvest. At a ceremony in the school auditorium, students presented Linda Berman, Autism Speaks' Long Island Walk Manager, with a check for $150 and a decorated poster to show their dedication to autism research. During the ceremony, Debbie Marks, a teacher at the school and Penny Harvest

penny harvest

From left, W.T. Clarke Middle School principal Daniel R. Shewchuk, Debbie Marks, teacher and Penny Harvest Coordinator and Linda Berman, Autism Speaks Long Island Walk Manager

coordinator, read from a letter addressed to her from the Trump Organization, "Mr. Trump is pleased to learn that your students are able to draw inspiration form his show The Apprentice to...develop great work ethics. He is even more pleased that a portion of the Penny Harvest will be donated to Autism Speaks." In the past, an episode of The Apprentice featured a charity event that benefitted Autism Speaks.

This is the second year in a row that the W.T. Clarke has designated NAAR & Autism Speaks as one of its charitable recipients. The total amount raised by the school this year exceeded $3,000.00, and more than 140 charities received donations of $150.

Debbie Marks and Linda Berman, working in coordination with Erin Shakespeare of Penny Harvest, hope to encourage other Long Island schools to undertake similar Penny Harvest coin campaigns in their own schools during the 2006-07 academic year.