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April 21, 2007

"Growing Up With Autism" -- Newsweek

A Newsweek cover story that features a cover photograph of Loretta Dougherty Boronat, member of Autism Speaks' New Jersey Walk for Autism Research Committee, and her son Danny, discusses the crisis facing a new generation of teenagers and young adults with autism. Click here to read the Newsweek story.

"Inside Autism" -- CNN "American Morning"

CNN Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported a series of stories about autism for CNN's American Morning program which aired the first week of August, 2006. One segment, "Mysteries of Autism" emphasized how much remains unknown about autism spectrum disorders. A second looked at the toll on one family with two children with autism. "Mysteries of Autism" examined how much remains unknown about autism, while the segment, "Boys, Girls and Autism's Grip" looked at differences in prevalence and severity between boys and girls. Click here to read more about CNN's coverage.

“Echoes of Autism” – ABC News “Nightline”

ABC News Correspondent John Donvan and Producer Caren Zucker tell of adults with autism in two reports on ABC News' Nighline. The first, "Echoes of Autism: Paul in Love," aired May 30, 2006, and profiles Paul DeSavino, a 36-year-old New Jersey man living with autism who says he's in love. The second, "Echoes of Autism: My Brother's Keeper," aired May 31, 2006, and looks at the burdens and blessings of being the brother or sister of an autistic person. For related reports, click
. Plus, Donvan and Zucker offer an in-depth look at adult autism through the experiences of two autistic adults and their families in “A Place in the World,” aired October 7, 2005, on ABC News “Nightline.” Both Donvan and Zucker have family members with autism. Click here to learn more.

“New Insights Into The Hidden World of Autism” --Time Magazine

The newsweekly featured a May 15, 2006, cover story, "
Inside the Autistic Mind
" (subscription required). The cover package also included a story, "A Tale of Two Schools," about two schools for children with autism, and "The Most Difficult Decision of My Life," a mother's story of coping with autism.

MSNBC logo
Autism: The Hidden Epidemic?
A special report from NBC and MSNBC

The number of U.S. Children diagnosed with autism has skyrocketed in the past decade, causing widespread concern and confusion. As families struggle to cope with the disorder, MSNBC and NBC News look at the issues surrounding autism, the theories behind its dramatic increase and the latest on treatments. Click here to learn more. Plus, see a June 4, 2006, Dateline story on chelation, and a May 26, 2006, Nightly News
on children with autism learning piano.

The New York Times: Autism Coverage

Free access to a series of recent articles published about autism. Click here to view articles. Plus, "Modern Love: Adolescence Without a Roadmap."

Disability News Radio -- Interview with Autism Speaks Co-Founder

An April 23, 2006, broadcast of the radio show, Disability News Radio, featured Autism Speaks' Suzanne Wright and Alison Singer. Click
to listen to the broadcast (requires audio player).

Newsweek cover
Newsweek : Letters to the Editor

The February 28, 2005 Newsweek cover story on autism--which included a personal essay by Autism Speaks co-founder Suzanne Wright--generated a flood of responses from the autism community. Click here to see what readers had to say.