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Gallery - 'Autism Every Day' Premiere at Sundance

May 10, 2007

Photos by Rob Loud/Getty Images

Wrights, Joey Pantoliano

lauren thierry, eric solomon

'Autism Every Day' Director and Co-Producer Lauren Thierry with Co-Producer Eric Solomon

Suzanne and Bob Wright with actor Joe Pantoliano (center) at Sundance “Autism Every Day” screening and luncheon in Park City, Utah on Jan. 21, 2007


Dan Glickman, Wrights

Bob, Katie and Suzanne Wright at Sundance Film Festival.

Dan Glickman, president of the Motion Picture Association of America, far right, with his wife Rhoda Glickman, along with Bob and Suzanne Wright

Jim Watkins, Bob Wright

Laura Slatkin, Eric Solomon

(l-r) Autism Speaks Board Member Laura Statkin, Co-Producer Eric Solomon, Carol Solomon

CW11 New York News anchor Jim Watkins with Bob Wright