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e-Speaks Newsletter || March 18, 2011

How Will You Light It Up Blue?

Tens of thousands of people have already committed to raise help autism awareness on April 1 and April 2 by wearing blue clothing, by lighting their homes blue, or by hosting events in their community. Want to upload a photo? Download an iPhone app? Get the word out on Facebook and Twitter? Visit to find out all the ways you can take part. Plus, read "Diary of a Mom" blogger Jess's post "This is My Autism," which urges President Obama to light the White House blue on April 1 and 2.

Support Autism Organizations and Families in Japan

The relief initiative AutismCares is seeking donations to support autism organizations and families affected by the natural disasters in Japan. Donate to support families in Japan and learn more about AutismCares.

Tenth Palm Beach Walk is Biggest Yet

Co-founders Bob and Suzanne Wright led the10th Annual Palm Beach Walk Now for Autism Speaks that took place on the City Common in Downtown West Palm Beach, Fla., on Sunday, March 6 with 186 teams and over 7,000 people in attendance. This year's event also included the 1st Annual Run with over 250 runners participating. Visit to find a Walk near you.

New Diagnostic Code for Wandering

Recognizing the seriousness and urgency of the problem of wandering among individuals with autism spectrum disorder, Autism Speaks vigorously supports the proposed ICM-9-CM diagnostic code for wandering. Learn more and sign a petition in support of the code at

Community Connections: Technology and Autism

Every day, new technology is changing our lives in ways we never imagined. For individuals with autism, some new technologies can make it easier to communicate, assist in the development of social skills, and enhance the ability to learn. This month's Community Connections is focused on helping families understand how new technology can improve the quality of everyday life! Sign up here to receive Community Connections by email each month.

Sumner M. Redstone Donates $500,000 to Autism Speaks

Sumner M. Redstone has donated $500,000 as a lead gift to support Autism Speaks' Translational Research Initiative, an effort to accelerate the discovery of treatments for autism, including pharmacological therapies. The Translational Research Initiative brings together industry, government, the scientific community, and the non-profit sector to advance the search for autism treatments.

Enactments, Full Passage, Endorsements! Autism Insurance Reform On the Move!

Thanks to the signature of Governor Mike Beebe on HB 1315, Arkansas became the first state this year, 24th state overall, to pass meaningful autism insurance reform into law. Last Saturday, the West Virginia legislature passed HB 2693 which now heads to Governor Earl Tomblin's desk for enactment. Thanks to Senator Charles Fuschillo, Jr. (S. 4005) and Assemblymember Joseph Morelle (A. 6305), New York introduced legislation on Monday with broad community support which when passed would become one of the most comprehensive autism insurance laws in the United States.

Robison Launches New Book, Be Different

Author John Elder Robison, a member Autism Speaks' Scientific Advisory and Treatment Boards, has a new book, be different, now available for presale. Click here to see a preview of the book and here for details on the book tour.

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In Their Own Words: Autism a Blessing

In this ‘In Their Own Words' a mother describes the ways autism is a blessing for her family.