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The Weekend Brief

February 06, 2016

The Wright Stuff: From NBC to Autism Speaks

Co-Founder of Autism Speaks Bob Wright has a new book coming out in March 29 on how he went from NBC to Autism Speaks! 50 percent of proceeds from his book will go back to support our mission. Pre-order your book today here.

Study finds a third of schoolkids with autism wander from safety each year

First nationwide survey on wandering underscores need to better safeguard school-age children with developmental disabilities. Read more here

First estimate of autism prevalence in Mexico pegs number at 1 in 115

The first scientific estimate of autism’s prevalence in Mexico pegs the number at 1 in 115. While the number may be an underestimate, it provides a solid foundation for government leaders and agencies that have expressed eagerness to understand and meet their nation’s need for autism services. Read more about the study here.

How to Light It Up Blue for autism awareness in 2016

Less than two months left until World Autism Awareness Day and Light It Up Blue! Pledge to wear blue with Autism Speaks today! Read more about how you can Light It Up Blue here.

Pediatrics publishes research & guidelines on autism-related health issues

The journal Pediatrics published a special supplement on medical, mental health and behavioral issues commonly associated with autism. The issue provides important autism-specific practice guidelines for the nation’s pediatricians.The new and much-expanded supplement includes treatment recommendations for such autism-associated health issues anxiety, depression, disturbed sleep and severe irritability and problem behaviors. Read more here

Autism Speaks House to Home Prize

Currently, 81% of adults with autism live with their aging parents. While there are many organizations and alliances dedicated to making the search for housing and community living easier, a major breakthrough that meets the escalating demand for homes and supports for those with autism is needed.

Autism Speaks is sponsoring the Autism Speaks House to Home Prize to bring about this breakthrough. Learn more and participate in the challenge here.

Autism Speaks names top ten research papers of 2015

Autism Speaks science staff and advisers review the studies that most powerfully advanced understanding and treatment of autism. See the full list. 

Why I let my 12-year-old son watch Sesame Street

"It is his birthday, today. My oldest boy is twelve years old. He has autism and is disabled and differently-abled in so many strange and wonderful ways. And alone, together, we are marking this special day with our annual tradition---a trip downtown, to the theatre to see Sesame Street Live, on stage." Read more here.

BalletBoyz’ Michael Nunn becomes ambassador for autism dance program

A father from the UK who has a son with autism has become an ambassador for the Royal Academy of Dance’s program “BalletBoyz” which will now help teach dance classes for children with autism. Learn more here.

Submit your idea to support adults on the spectrum today!

There is less than one month remaining until the submission deadline for the Autism Speaks House to Home Prize. In order to answer any remaining questions you may have, we will be hosting a 1-hour webinar on Thursday, February 11th, at 8:30 am Pacific Time (11:30 am Eastern) (GMT-8:00). During this session we will review the challenge guidelines and do a walkthrough of how to submit your entry on the HeroX website. Participants will also be able to submit questions during the presentation. To register for this webinar, click here and follow the instructions.

16 People With Autism Describe Why Eye Contact Can Be Difficult

For some people on the autism spectrum, making eye contact can be a stressful, distracting and sensory-taxing experience. Far too often, though, outsiders view avoiding eye contact as “rude” or “antisocial,” when this isn’t the case at all. Read what 16 people with autism had to say about making eye contact.

At Sweetwater Spectrum in Sonoma, adults with autism reside, thrive

Sweetwater Spectrumis a supportive living community in Sonoma, Calif. The nonprofit was founded by a group of families, with the mission to challenge each individual to reach his or her highest potential. Read more here.

Autism Family Drama Coming To TV

A one-hour drama about a family with a young child who has just been diagnosed with autism is headed to television. SundanceTV will air the six-episode series “The A-Word” later this year. Read more at Disability Scoop.

Father spreads autism awareness with photography project, "Magpie"

Glenn Gameson-Burrows, father to daughter Aneira, who has autism, started a photography project called "Magpie" to document children and adults on the spectrum. He hopes that Magpie, a documentary-style collection of photos featuring 11 children and 2 adults who have autism, will help raise awareness, and promote understanding, about the disorder. Read more here.

What is Light it Up Blue?



We're just two months away from Light It Up Blue 2016! People around the world will Light It Up Blue to raise awareness for the 70 million people living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

In 2016 we hope to make Light It Up Blue even bigger! Pledge to wear blue on April 2nd, 2016 today!