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September 28, 2015

Autism Researchers Seek More Brains to Study

One reason autism research hasn’t made more progress is a shortage of brains available for study. Brain scans can only take researchers so far—they need to work with donated brains to gain a deeper understanding of the condition. Read more from the Wall Street Journal. Learn more about the Autism BrainNet program.

Families have a blast at autism-friendly Blue Man Group show

Slight modifications were made to the show including reducing sound and light levels at various moments during the performance and making earplugs available upon request. The Blue Men also made sure to keep their approach to the audience more subdued. Read more.

Webinar: Managing autism-related GI issues and feeding problems

Free Oct 21 webinar for caregivers will include live Q&A with experts. Read more.

My Son Has the Kind of Autism No One Talks About

This is the autism that no one talks about. This is the autism that no one wants to see. Read more at Huffington Post.

Team Up! with Autism Speaks runs the 2015 Berlin Marathon

Today, Berlin hosted the always historic and fast marathon in the world for the 42nd run of the BMW 2015 Berlin Marathon. Within the crowd there was a dedicated Team Up! with Autism Speaks team of 13 runners specifically running and raising money to support the mission of Autism Speaks, with a fundraising total to date of over $40,000 and still growing. Read more.

EXCHANGE: Autism program only one of its kind in region

The Eastern Illinois University Autism Center steps up to offer an autism mentoring program, the only one of its kind in much of the Midwest. Read more at KSL.

Broadway star pens open lett​er after boy with autism interrupts show

Broadway star Kelvin Moon Loh is currently in "The King and I" and during a recent show a young boy with autism shouted loudly from the audience during a quiet scene. According to Kelvin, many in the audience reacted very negatively to the interruption and to the mother. Read more.

Calling all innovative thinkers: Announcing the Autism Speaks House to Home Prize!

We are excited to announce the pre-launch phase of the Autism Speaks House to Home incentive prize! Autism Speaks is offering $150,000 in prizes for breakthrough ideas in housing and residential supports for adults with autism! Read more about the prize here. 

Check out our “In Our Own Words: Living on the Spectrum” blog series!

The In Our Own Words blog series highlights people with autism and their stories through their perspectives. Have a story about growing up with autism? Submit your blog here

New "Ties That Bind" blog series!

The “Ties That Bind” blog series highlights the shared experiences that people in the autism community have had. These stories can range from anything from getting your child’s first autism diagnosis, going to the dentist, bullying, getting a haircut and much more! Submit your blog here.

Young adults with autism learn valuable skills at GAP Shadow Day

On September 24, fifteen select GAP stores across the country participated in GAP Shadow Day 2015, hosting in-store job shadowing for young adults on the spectrum to learn the skill sets of GAP employees. Read more.