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November 05, 2015

Autism Speaks and Ad Council Launch New PSAs Inspired by the Story of a Child with Autism

Autism Speaks joined the Ad Council and BBDO New York, the long-time volunteer agency for Autism Speaks, to launch a new series of public service advertisements (PSAs) designed to help parents recognize the early signs of autism and take immediate action. For the first time in the campaign’s history, the new PSAs feature an imaginative world, created using 3D and stop-motion animation, inspired by stories of real children with autism and told from the perspective of a child with autism. Read more about the PSA here.

Autism Speaks Board member, Mel Karmazin, appeared on CNBC's Squawk Box to discuss a plan to work with Rutgers University and other state universities to set up housing and work opportunities for adults on the autism spectrum. Read more about the plan here.

Why don’t we know what environmental factors cause autism?

“Almost everyone agrees that autism is caused by a combination of genetics and the environment,” writes science journalist Sarah DeWeert. “But while geneticists can comfortably rattle off lists of dozens of autism-linked genes, there’s much less agreement about which environmental factors contribute to the disorder — and by how much.” Read more about this story here.

Autism Speaks encourages Congress to support family caregivers

Autism Speaks is joining the celebration of the nation’s 90 million family caregivers this November for National Family Caregivers Month. National Family Caregivers Month recognizes and celebrates the individuals who provide care to their loved ones every day- helping them maintain their independence and quality of life. Read more here.

Fake cover letters expose disability discrimination, study finds

After sending résumés and cover letters on behalf of fictitious candidates for thousands of accounting jobs, it was found that employers expressed interest in candidates who disclosed a disability about 26 percent less frequently than in candidates who did not, researchers at Rutgers and Syracuse universities concluded and The New York Times reported.

My brother has autism and he's the best brother anyone could ever have

"Everybody is unique. Some people might have a special talent or excel in a certain area, while others have challenges. My 17-year-old brother, Sam, has autism." Read more of Troy Kanji's blog here.

Woman writes picture book illustrated by her brother on the spectrum

A Vancouver woman has written a kids book of ABC's to promote autism awareness — and it was illustrated by her brother, who has autism. Andrea Bull, who works as a registered audiologist, created Animal Appetites with her brother Robert, who was diagnosed with autism at four years old and took to drawing at an early age to express himself. Read more CBC News.

Behind the Scenes: The World of Autism PSA