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November 10, 2015

Teen chef with autism turns his passion into a growing following

Chase Bailey, the teen chef behind YouTube cooking channel "Chase 'N Yur Face," has been steadily growing a following of fellow food lovers online. Now, he's getting nation-wide attention. Read more here.

Tackling challenges and celebrating Latino families

My greatest joy as the ATN’s project manager is when I’m in the company of the children and families who are being served by our network. These opportunities don’t come often enough, as our 14 centers are spread across the US and Canada – and I’m based here in Los Angeles. So the day Maureen Dillon invited me to Latino Families Day, at our center in Santa Ana, California, I immediately cleared my weekend schedule. Read more here.

Adults with autism have few hou​sing options available

“Most adults with autism live with their families long into adulthood, and for many families they’re very concerned about who will take care of their adult children with autism once they’re no longer able to do that,” Autism Speaks Executive V.P. of Programs and Services Lisa Goring told the The Star. Read more.

One Autism Speaks initiative to help meet the needs of the growing number of adults with autism is the House to Home Prize. The organization is seeking groundbreaking ideas from around the world on ways to expand housing and residential support options for adults on the spectrum that will allow them to live as independently as possible. The total prize purse is $150,000. Learn more.

Gir Scout helps create autism-friendly playground 

Lucia Morris, a high school freshman and Girl Scout, transformed her middle school's two-swing playground into a sensory-friendly experience for kids with autism. The new playground has a therapeutic hammock, a sand table, and a musical dinosaur. Read more here.

Rutgers University's plan to help adults with autism find jobs, housing

The university says it plans to open the Rutgers Center for Adult Autism Services on its New Brunswick campus, which will provide adults with autism resources to live and work independently with the support of clinical staff and Rutgers graduate students. Read more on Fortune.

Sensory-friendly screening of "Spectre" at AMC theatres tonight

On Nov. 10 at 7pm, participating AMC theatres, in partnership with the Autism Society, are showing a sensory-friendly screening of "Spectre," the newest film in the James Bond franchise. Read more and get tickets here.

Supporting kids who have a special needs sibling

"I realized that being an autism mom meant that I still needed to make time for date nights with my husband and girls nights out. It's also meant nurturing my relationship with my daughter away from her brother," writes Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer. Read more at Philly Parenting.

Five tips for helping nonverbal children with autism learn to read

“Any suggestions for teaching a nonverbal 8-year-old to read? He can form sentences using augmentative communication.” Get our expert's advice.

Meet the boy who inspired the new Autism Speaks PSA

Jacob Sanchez, the star of Autism Speaks' new Ad Council PSA, joins Al Jazeera in the studio with his parents.