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The Daily Brief

March 03, 2016

Your Dollars @ Work: Urban Farm is growing solutions for autism employment

Check out a blog from one of our Community Grant recipients from Illinois! They have pioneered a working farm solution for adults with autism that teaches them agriculture skills. Read more here

Skylanders to 'Light It Up Blue' for Autism Awareness Month

Skylanders®, the beloved toys and videogame franchise, and Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization are collaborating in a unique way this year where they are inviting fans to “Light It Up Blue” with one-of-a-kind toys. Learn more.

Preschoolers with autism gain when teachers emphasize joint attention

In a new study funded by Autism Speaks, researchers showed that preschoolers with autism gain more language and initiate more communication when teachers learn to use a simplified version of a behavioral therapy that emphasizes shared attention and child-directed play. Read more here.

Caring Bunny: Make your reservation today!

Happy Easter! Autism Speaks is thrilled to be partnering with Simon Property Group, Inc. and the Noerr Programs on their Caring Bunny program, in association with AbilityPath! Caring Bunny is an opportunity to connect with multitudes of families that have children with autism and other special needs, providing a more controlled and welcoming environment to visit Noerr’s Easter Bunny Photo Experience! Learn more.

Big Apple Circus hosts autism friendly night

The Big Apple Circus hosted a special performance for children with autism and their families Tuesday in New Jersey. Two more performances — in Queens, NY and Boston, MA — are schduled for March and May 2016. Use promo code ASPEAKS15 to donate 10% of your ticket price to Autism Speaks! More info and tickets here.

This couple is running for autism awareness and to Light It Up Blue!

Alexis Klassen and her husband, Brent, are avid runners who live in Woodville, Ohio. They decided to do something "extraordinary" to raise awareness about autism in honor of the strides their two sons, both diagnosed with autism, have made. They're going to run the length of Ohio — 260 miles — in a series of short runs to raise awareness. Read more here

The Sagrada Familia will Light It Up Blue for autism awareness

One of then largest Roman Catholic Churches in the world, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, will Light It Up Blue on April 2, 2016 in honor of World Autism Awareness Day! The picture above is of the Sagrada Familia lit blue from 2015. Read more here.

Autism Speaks Georgia Walk Kickoff recap 2016

Over 215 people joined Autism Speaks Georgia as they kicked off 2016 Autism Speaks Walk on Saturday, February 27th at the Manor Golf and Country Club. Read more.

Helping patients with autism navigate the stressful ER

When you head to the emergency room, you almost expect stress -- the long waits, the hubbub of other patients and the endless, seemingly discombobulated stream of doctors and nurses. But for patients with autism, a neurological disorder that affects communication and can make people sensitive to stimulation, that stress can be so overwhelming that it undermines their ability to get the treatment they need. Read more at CNN.

Scholarship funds awarded to ten postsecondary programs

Autism Speaks is proud to award $155,000 to 10 postsecondary institutions through the third annual Brian and Patricia Kelly Postsecondary Scholarship Fund, which is designed to provide funding and educational opportunities after high school for young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Funds were awarded to four-year colleges, two-year colleges, vocational programs and transition programs. Read more here.

"Focus on ability, not disability" 



A look into the life of the D'Amora family. Barbara and Bill D'Amora talk about her son Nic who has autism. Nic holds a job at a restaurant and his parents want others to focus on his abilities instead of his disability.