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The Daily Brief

January 14, 2016

Study maps genetic variability in autism brains

The first effort to sequence genes tied to autism in postmortem brain tissue reveals a range of harmful mutations in people with the condition. Read more. Learn how you can sign up to donate postmortem brain tissue with the Autism Brainnet program.

Highlights and video from the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee

IACC hears public comment, discusses housing, universal screening, autism biomarkers and more. Read more.

South Carolina town becomes the first autism-friendly travel destination

The Surfside Beach Town Council have signed a proclamation to make their Surfside Beach located in Horry County, South Carolina, one of the first ever autism-friendly travel destinations. Read more here.

Playing to learn: The trouble with electronic toys

A recent study from Northern Arizona University found that electronic toys such as a baby laptop or cell phone do not promote language development in young children as well as books and traditional toys such as wooden puzzles, shape-sorters and blocks. Read more at CNN.

Baltimore sports stars come together for autism

The Ravens’ John Harbaugh and the Orioles’ Buck Showalter — Baltimore’s top coaching combo — were greeted by cheers in their first-ever combined speaking appearance. Read more.

Hillary Clinton announces new aut​ism plan

Autism Speaks urges all the presidential candidates to come forward with a plan to address the needs of people living with autism. We have provided a blueprint that Autism Speaks believes is essential to good public policy. A national plan should be built around enhanced state and federal advocacy, groundbreaking advances in science and research, and a full discussion of the barriers to, and opportunities for, addressing the housing, transition and employment needs of those with autism. 

Boy with autism publishes book, "Darius Hates Vegetables"

"It's really built his confidence so much," his mother, Wendy, told WJLA. "We have sold 90 books so far. So, he is doing very, very well," Wendy added. Read more.

Career and technical education for individuals with autism

All students deserve educational opportunities that best prepare them for the next step in life after secondary school, whether it is higher education or a career. For many Americans, employment is a critical component for most adults to build full and productive lives. With some 50,000 people with autism entering adulthood each year in the United States, access to employment opportunities and pre-employment or transition programs, like career and technical education (CTE), are critical. Read more.

The Israeli Army Unit That Recruits Teens With Autism

The Atlantic reported about an Israeli Army Unit called the Israel Defense Force’s “Visual Intelligence Division” also known as Unit 9900, which recruits Israelis on the autism spectrum to be part of their unit. Their focus now has become on recruiting teens with autism who have heightened perceptual skills. Read more of the story here

NBC Nightly News Covers Lincoln Center Production for Children on the Autism Spectrum



Lincoln Center Education and The Trusty Sidekick Theatre Company created an interactive performance for children on the spectrum based on Jules Verne's "Around the World in 80 Days." The show is called "Up and Away."