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The Daily Brief

November 20, 2015

Gut feeling: How microbes shape autism

An unusual mix of bacteria may be to blame for the frequent gut problems in people with autism. New findings suggest they may also alter the mind. Learn more at Spectrum News.

Transition to adultho​od focus of Autism Speaks Town Hall

Autism Speaks hosted an Adult Services Town Hall in Montclair, New Jersey. The event was part of an ongoing national series of Town Halls, and focused on transition planning. With 100 people in the audience, the discussion offered insights into the process of moving from adolescence into adulthood. Read more.

"Mirame" Autism Awareness Campaign in Argentina

MIRAME/LOOK AT ME -  is the name given to this multiple award winning campaign (Awards: Buenas Causas,  Premios Effie and Premios Obrar) of REDEA - RED ESPECTRO AUTISTA  – – a network of leading parent-professional-academy NGOs in Argentina.


Teen With Autism Knits ​for Charity

HAMBURG, NY- While most teenage boys use their hands to play sports or video games, a junior from Hamburg High School likes to use his hands to knit. Read more.


How do police agencies handle calls for service involving people with autism?

A high intensity encounter with police can be stressful for anyone. But for a person with autism, the situation can be more than they can bear. Read more.

Autism and Thanksgiving: How to cope w​ith the feasting and hubbub

“We have a big extended family full of good cooks. So Thanksgiving is a big deal. Unfortunately it often doesn’t end well for our 13-year-old who has autism. The combination of family hubbub and limitless food tends to be too much. Do you have some tips for avoiding the usual meltdown and, er, “upheaval.” Get our expert's advice.

oaches Powering Forward for Autism, an initiative started through Autism Speaks will take place during the weekend of February 19 – 21, 2016. Entering its third season, and spearheaded by NCAA basketball coaches Pat Skerry and Tom Herrion, Coaches Powering Forward for Autism provides coaches, their teams, athletic staff, schools and fans with opportunities to raise awareness, fundraise and advocate for the needs of people affected by autism. Read more here

Help adults with autism by submitting your idea for the House to Home Prize

To help meet the needs of the growing number of adults with autism, Autism Speaks has launched the House to Home Prize. We are seeking groundbreaking ideas from around the world on ways to expand housing and residential support options for adults on the spectrum that will allow them to live as independently as possible. The total prize purse is $150,000. Learn more.



Watch this charming animated video created by ​kids with special needs