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Now, more than ever we could use some more kindness. A recent poll on Autism Speaks social media pages showed that 90 percent of people on the spectrum and their loved ones said they experienced bullying or negativity. We are looking to change that number through kindness. Be an influencer of kindness by leading by example and spreading positivity to your followers but taking the #KindnessCounts challenge. 

How to take the challenge:  

  1. Film a kind and uplifting message to your followers on social media. The video could be anything from what kindness means to you, a kind message to your followers, a memory of when someone was kind to you, anything that could inspire more kindness during this difficult time. There is no wrong way to be kind, make the challenge your own.
  2. Post it and tag @autismspeaks using #KindnessCounts and three of your friends and nominate them to post kind messages of their own.  
  3. Watch the kindness and positivity that you sparked, spread!  

The goal of the #KindnessCounts challenge is to make our online and offline worlds kinder and more inclusive and to increase acceptance of autistic people and their families. Any act of kindness, big or small, can make an impact in the lives of others.

Embark on the World Autism Month Kindness Quest

This April we're asking you to embark on a Kindness Quest to help us make 2020 the year of kindness and help create a kinder, more inclusive world for autistic people. Together we can create one million acts of kindness.

Every Monday this month we will reveal the kindness quest of the week. Once you finish your quest for the week, be sure to post on social media and tag @autismspeaks on social using #LightItUpBlue#WorldAutismMonth, and #KindnessCounts.

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    Suggested social media messages:

    • Join me and help create a kinder world for people with autism. Join the #KindnessCounts movement at autismspeaks.org/kindness
    • Be kind…it’s that simple. #KindnessCounts Learn more about the Autism Speaks kindness challenge at autismspeaks.org/kindness
    • #KindnessCounts We could all use a bit more kindness in the world. Pledge to help create a kinder, more inclusive world at autismspeaks.org/kindness
    • Take the #KindnessCounts challenge and help create a more understanding and accepting world for people with autism. autismspeaks.org/kindness

    “Kindness is…”

    • Kindness is being inclusive of everyone, regardless of your differences. autismspeaks.org/kindness
    • Kindness is understanding that not everyone experiences the world the same way you do. autismspeaks.org/kindness
    • Kindness is seeing the value in all people. autismspeaks.org/kindness
    • Kindness is not judging someone who flaps their hands when they get excited. autismspeaks.org/kindness
    • Kindness is not staring when someone’s child is having a hard time in public but instead asking if they need help. autismspeaks.org/kindness
    • Kindness is focusing on someone’s ability, instead of their disability. autismspeaks.org/kindness
    • Kindness is keeping an open mind if someone doesn’t seem to like eye contact. autismspeaks.org/kindness
    • Kindness is addressing someone with a disability as well as their caregiver. autismspeaks.org/kindness
    • Kindness is inviting someone into your group when you see they are by themselves. autismspeaks.org/kindness

    We asked some autistic self-advocates what kindness means to them. This is what they had to say:


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