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Autism Employment Connector Challenge Winners Selected!

Autism Speaks announced on June 13, 2022, the winners of the 'Autism Employment Connector Challenge,' launched in partnership with HeroX, the leading platform and open marketplace for crowdsourced solutions.

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Photo courtesy of Spectrum Designs Foundation

The Autism Speaks-sponsored Challenge invited innovators including jobseekers, employers, students, recruiters and members of the community, to identify solutions that support autistic job seekers navigating the employment search and application process while effectively communicating skills and abilities to prospective employers. 
After careful review by a team of experts consisting of autistic people, family members of people with autism, service providers, HR professionals and corporations that prioritize inclusive hiring, the three submissions that have been selected as winners include: 

  1. Zensory-Blissful Job Searching for Autistic Adults, submitted by Team Screen Queens (Beatriz Ramos, Sindhu Bhairavi Kannan and T.H.) 
  2. JobQuest: One goal. One passion. Inclusivity! submitted by Carlotta Granholm's team (Carlotta Granholm and Wenyan Liu)  
  3. Autism Employment Matching Engine (AEME), submitted by Rebecca Beam's team (Rebecca Beam and Hilary Kokenda)

Congratulations to all of the applicants and winners! Read more about the Challenge here!

Welcome to Workplace Inclusion Now™ (WIN). This program was designed by an autistic-led team to help you research, find and keep employment in a competitive labor market. Stories, tips and resources were developed from a collaboration of experts, led by autistic adults, based on multidisciplinary research into what makes a workforce thrive and how employees and employers can be set up for success. 

A key component of WIN are online courses designed to help make workplaces more accepting and understanding of our differences and give us tools to navigate our differences at work. These online courses, for the manufacturing, distribution and related industries, are self-paced and highly visual. They were designed with different learning styles in mind. Courses to prepare you for work in other industries are also in development.

Other free resources available to job seekers include:  

Other tools and resources

Cover of the Autism Speaks Employment Tool Kit

Our Employment Tool Kit was designed to help you research, find and keep employment in the competitive labor market. Stories, tips and resources were developed from a collaboration of people, including adults with autism, dedicated to increasing the employment participation of adults on the spectrum.

Download the kit and begin your job search!


Understanding Social Security Benefits and Employment

For people with autism, a common concern when considering work is the possibility of losing one's benefits. Autism Speaks developed the video below and frequently asked questions to ease your concerns and help you on your search for a job that is right for you. 


What is a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Agency, and how can it help me?

Each state has a Vocational Rehabilitation (Voc Rehab or VR) agency that provides employment service supports to people with disabilities (including autism). VR is paid for by the federal and state government, and you might be eligible if you apply. It is available in every state to help people with disabilities prepare for and obtain jobs. In big cities there may be several VR offices, whereas in rural areas there may only be one office that serves many counties.

Find your state Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Agency here.

Always focus on your strengths and what you like to do

A list of common strengths of employees with autism


Additional resources for job seekers with autism: