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Hacking Autism - Blog

Ohio State is Hacking Autism

Posted by Marc Sirkin
Friday, August 24, 2012

The folks at Ohio State University are hacking autism with their Citra app concept for caregivers.



Talking Hacking Autism

Posted by marc
Monday, August 20, 2012
Sorry for launching and going dark... lots going on around here lately including finalizing plans for Maker Faire NYC!

Meanwhile, watch Marc Sirkin talk a bit about Autism Speaks and Hacking Autism.




Hello World and Welcome to Hacking Autism

Posted by marc
Friday, June 29, 2012

It's the first official Hacking Autism blog post... and welcome to it! 

The Hacking Autism concept is really cool we know, but we also know that you are going to be looking for very specific details on how to get involved... this "hello world" blog post will try to outline some possible first steps for you to take as part of the Hacking Autism community. We've decided to write this post as an FAQ to help you get oriented.

What is Hacking Autism?
Hacking Autism is 3+ years in the making. It was started deep within the bowels of HP and became an official Autism Speaks program in late 2011. Hacking Autism is a collaborative project that aims to develop, refine and develop technologies that can help those on the spectrum. We look at technology through 4 lenses - entertainment, general education, therapeutic and applied technologies - each has a different purpose and benefit. Basically, we believe that technology has the power to change the lives of those on the spectrum today. 

One thing to note is that Hacking Autism is completely platform independent - we believe that not only does touch technology have merit, but that we should broaden our definition of technology to include websites, desktop, video game platforms like Kinect and Wii, ARGs, and more broadly, any tech  you can think of... like a Marshmellow Cannon.

What apps have already been developed for Hacking Autism?
Mihi is a simple app that was developed at the Hackathon in October 2011. It allows users to learn different emotions on the iPad. We have several other apps on the way including social story apps and several other ideas that are all coming together nicely! Check the blog for updates!

Why is this blog post titled "Hello World?"
Wait, if you are asking that, you need to up your "geek" factor! Start by reading all about "Hello World" on Wikipedia.