Georgia & Tennessee Board of Directors

Chris Anulewicz, Advocacy

Chris Benner, Financial Review Chair*

Manana Cain, General Board Member

Jason Cristal, Board Chair*

Joeseph Fahrney, Corporate Engagment Chair*

Bill Frazier, General Board Member

Angela Howerter, Marketing and Public Relations Chair*

Mario Marin, General Board Member

Dr. Matt Segall, Medical Scientific Champion

Jeremy Silverman, Immediate Past Chair*

Colleen Sullivan, Board Vice-Chair*

Meaghan Timko, Service Provider Community Liaison*

Sheryl Touchton, 2019 Gala Chair

Michael Touchton, General Board Member

Deirdre Van Cleave, 2019 Atlanta Walk Chair

Suzanne Wheeler, Grant Review Chair

Yanique Woodall, General Board Member

*Executive Board Member

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