$100,000—$499,000 DONATED ANNUALLY
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Autism Speaks is thrilled to have French’s as a continued supporter and corporate partner. The world’s leading brand of mustard, French’s has been bringing great flavor to people for more than 100 years.  French’s Mustard has developed a spring campaign that encourages customers to visit and for each visit to the site French’s donates $1 to Autism Speaks, with a goal of reaching $100,000. Their specially designed ‘blue and yellow’ autism awareness bottle of mustard can be found in restaurants nationwide.

Our thanks to French’s Mustard for their generous support of Autism Speaks in furthering our mission to help children and families living with autism.
Total Contribution to Autism Speaks: $400,000

Partner Since: 2015
2017 Campaign:  Yellow & Blue & You
Campaign Duration: March-May
2017 Contribution: $100,000

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