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Comprised of 12 sites across the United States and Canada; the Autism Treatment Network includes hospitals, physicians, researchers and clinical thought leaders who share a common commitment to families and healthcare professionals dealing with autism.

Eight ATN member hospitals were ranked among the “Best Children’s Hospitals,” by U.S. News and World Report for 2014-15.

ATN Locations

Eastern Region

Lurie Center/MassGeneral Hospital 
Lexington, MA
Contact: Dema Hakim
Phone: (781) 860-1715

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Pittsburgh, PA
Contact: Cathy Wolfe
Phone: (412) 235-5412

University of Rochester
Rochester, NY
Contact: TBD

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
Contact: Christina Disandro
Phone: (267) 366-8371

Midwest Region

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH
Contact: Terry Mitchell
Phone: (513) 636-1665

University of Missouri
Columbia, MO
Contact: Alicia Curran
Phone: (573) 884-7544

Nationwide Children's Hospital
Columbus, OH
Contact: Melissa Brown
Phone: (614) 355-7500

Southern Region

Vanderbilt University Medical School
Nashville, TN
Contact: Nina Harris
Phone: (877) ASD-VUMC (273-8862)

Western Region

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles 
Los Angeles, CA
Contact: Kathryn Smith
Phone: (323) 361-6102

The Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders at UC Irvine 
Santa Ana, CA
Contact: Maureen Dillon, LCSW
Phone: (949) 267-0400


Toronto ATN Site (Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab, Surrey Place Centre, Hospital for Sick Children)
Toronto, ON, Canada
Contact: Genevieve Ferguson
Phone: 416-425-6220 ext. 3275

University of Alberta and Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Contact person: Shannon Mah 
Phone: 780-735-8285

Important Note: Procedures for referrals to specialists and services differ from provider to provider. Charges for screening and treatment are subject to the governing policies of each individual institution and  individual insurance coverage. Enquiries about charges and payment arrangements should be directed to the specified contact person for each site.

If you can't find an ATN provider near you

Interested in becoming an ATN site?

Currently the Autism Treatment Network (ATN) is a collaboration of 12 treatment and research centers dedicated to improving medical care for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). ATN sites are selected through a competitive grant application process and are typically funded for up to three years.  For more information regarding ATN grant applications, contact:

Angie Fedele 
Director of Operations, Clinical Programs

Implementing ATN best practices

Autism Speaks ATN member sites have developed evidence-based protocols and standards of care for many of the most challenging medical and behavioral conditions surrounding autism today.  ATN best practices can be shared with your institution to assist in improving outcomes for children and adolescents with autism.

ATN Care Model: Whole Care for the Whole Family

The ATN Care Model represents a comprehensive, coordinated, multidisciplinary care approach for children with ASD. It promotes a high standard of coordinated care for the whole child and family. An ATN center is essentially a nexus of autism care -- a place that provides the highest level of direct care and clinical expertise and also serves as a resource to local families, community physicians, behavioral practitioners, and educational advocates -- a cornerstone of the family’s care community. The ATN Care Model follows these principles:

  • Self-Management Support to help families define child-specific treatment goals and to develop a whole- child care plan.
  • Shared-Decision Making that involves parents in decision making concerning their child’s treatment and ongoing care.
  • Delivery System Design to track ongoing patient progress and ensure regular follow-ups, along with clearly defined goals and health outcomes.
  • Multidisciplinary Team approach which recognizes the importance and value of a full range of expertise in autism healthcare.
  • Coordination of Care   for seamless access to specialized therapies, behavioral interventions, community and educational interventions and other related resources.
  • Decision Support processes to assist families with decision-making based on evidence-based practice guidelines and continually updates information on advances in the field of autism treatments.

To learn about the opportunities/resources to implement ATN best practices at your location, contact

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