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Getting Organized

Click here for a downloadable PDF, including useful worksheets.


The transition process can be more manageable when you have a system in 
place to keep yourself organized.  For some that may seem easier said than 
done, we know parents of children with autism don’t have a lot of extra time, but if 
you start at the beginning of the transition process, you will minimize your stress and 
maximize your time for other things you need to do.
Getting Started 
Many families find that three-ring binders are a great tool for organizing large 
amounts of paperwork, as a alternative hanging files that are kept in a filing box 
are also very popular and the box is portable. What’s important is to choose a 
system that works best for you and your family! 
As you begin the transition process, you may want to pick up some office supplies; 
three-ring binders, paper, dividers, several 3 hole punched pockets that fit into binders 
for loose papers, and a flash drive or memory stick to file electronic documents. You 
may want to set up one binder with Medical Information and Legal Matters.   
The Medical section may include:
• Included would be a copy of a contact list with medical professionals 
• Diagnosis 
• Medications log 
• Other medical paperwork 
Legal Matters section may include:
• Transition Planning Log 
• Special Needs Trust – if appropriate 
• Guardianship – if appropriate 
• Conservatorship – if appropriate 
• Social Security Information 
• Medicaid Information 
• Home and Community Based Waivers Information 
• Letter of Intent
You may want to consider another binder for Transition with sections such as:
• Contact log people that support your adolescent or young adult 
• Post Secondary Goals from the Transition Plan 
• IEP Goals 
• Transition Plan Tracker – to log progress 
• Community Living 
• Employment – if applicable 
• Day Programs – if applicable 
• Post Secondary Education – if applicable 
• Housing
You may want to consider scanning all important documents and keeping a copy on a flash drive as back up.  As with many large tasks or projects the transition process is best managed in shorter segments, the same is true with keeping the process organized.  If possible, try and set aside a little time each month to keep the paperwork updated and organized so that it does not become overwhelming.