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As you can see after reading this kit, there are many factors that go into making the transition to adulthood as effective and successful as possible for a young adult with autism.  Every individual with autism is different, so each adolescent and young adult will require different supports and services throughout the transition process. It is so important to start early, evaluate your child’s likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and make a plan to help create as independent and enjoyable of a life as possible for him or her. The future may seem uncertain and scary right now, but taking the proper steps during the transition to adulthood will help ease these fears.  
There is plenty of information in this kit that we hope will help you find the resources and supports you need during this time critical time in your adolescent’s life. Be sure to check the timeline we have provided for the transition process in your specific state, and use it as a guide to help you navigate this process. Remember to involve your young adult in the journey to adulthood as best you can. In order to one day live an independent life, an individual with autism must have as much of a say as possible in decisions made regarding his or her future. It is critical to teach young adults with autism how to advocate for themselves, and ensure that they know how to get not just the services they might need, but the services they want as well. This process will take time, but if you start early and take the right steps, you will be able to successfully lay the foundation for the future of your young adult with autism. 
We hope this kit has served its purpose in helping you and your young adult with autism travel the road to a happy and fulfilling adult life! We welcome any feedback or input that you would like to provide in order to make this kit as helpful as possible. Please email us at