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Puzzle Piece Project Tool Kit

Spreading autism understanding and acceptance in the classroom, schools and beyond is important all year long.

The Puzzle Piece Project Tool Kit is a fun and interactive educational tool kit for grade levels K-12 designed to increase students’ understanding of autism and promote the acceptance of all students. Developed by a special education professional for teachers, the tool kit includes age-appropriate lesson plans, extended activities, materials and relevant internet resources.


The Puzzle Piece Project Tool Kit includes the following materials: 

  1. Grade Level Lesson Plan
  2. Internet Resource Guide and Book List
  3. Materials Index
  4. Puzzle Piece Template
  5. Discussion Guide for specific high school reading suggestions
  6. Request Form for follow up lessons/activities from your Special Education Team (see Materials Index)
  7. FAQs samples of questions asked by kids

Download the Puzzle Piece Project Tool Kit here!

Have you spread autism understanding and acceptance in your school? We would love to hear from you! Send pictures and stories to and you could be featured on the Autism Speaks website!

For more information about supporting students with autism in schools, check out the Autism Speaks School Community Tool Kit!

Autism Speaks would like to thank Janelle Franco, MA, for developing this curriculum and providing it to Autism Speaks.