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Advocacy Tool Kit

The Advocacy Tool Kit aims to help both individuals on the spectrum and their families develop and use critical advocacy skills in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

The goal of this tool kit is to provide a basic knowledge of advocacy and negotiation skills. The kit will show how to apply these skills to different situations throughout the lifespan of an individual with autism. The information in this kit has been provided by experts in the field who have both professional and personal experience with advocacy and autism. Each section has been prepared by a different person or group of people whose expertise is in that specific area. We hope you will find the information informative and relatable.

Click here to download the Advocacy Tool Kit!

The Advocacy Tool Kit is divided into the following sections:

Additional Advocacy Resources from Autism Speaks

Individualized Education Program (IEP): Summary, Process and Practical Tips from Goodwin Procter LLC
This 26 page guide contains an IEP timeline and clearly lays out the steps to take throughout the IEP process. The guide also includes lots of tips, resources, and answers to FAQs.

Guide to Legal Information for Families Affected by Autism from Goodwin Procter LLC
The 20 page guide defines terms, explains concepts, and answers frequently asked questions regarding the rights and entitlements of individuals with autism and their families.

Your Child's Rights
Information on the Autism Speaks website about legal rights for your child and your family. 

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