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Resource Center Coordinates Private Movie Viewing for Children with Special Needs

For more information, contact:

Kim Horyn, Director
Nantucket Autism Speaks Resource Center


The Nantucket Autism Speaks Resource Center will host a private viewing of a newly released G-rated movie at 4:00pm on June 20th, at the Starlight Theater for children on the Autism Spectrum, or with special needs, their siblings and friends. Individuals will buy regularly priced movie tickets, and the Resource Center and the Starlight Theater will provide the soda and popcorn. For information about the movie, please email Kim Horyn at or call 646-341-3043.

The intent of the private viewing is to provide children on the Spectrum an opportunity to enjoy a current movie in the theater, without being stared at or judged. Autism is a complex brain disorder that inhibits a person's ability to communicate and develop social relationships and is often accompanied by extreme behavioral challenges. Those on the Autism Spectrum are often perceived as being intentionally rude or misbehaving, when in fact, their neurological differences impact their behaviors. For some families, a simple activity such as going to a movie can result in stares, dirty looks and isolation.

The movie is the first of several summer activities the Resource Center has planned for families of children with autism and their friends, including surfing lessons, and a picnic at the Boys & Girls Club. Stephen Shore, Ed.D. who has autism and Asperger's Syndrome and has written numerous books on these subjects, is scheduled to speak in the Great Hall of the Atheneum, 7PM on Wednesday, July 2nd.


For more information, please visit, or contact Kim Horyn, Nantucket Autism Speaks Resource Center Director, at,