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Calls to Action

Family Services Semi-Annual Impact Report

The Family Services team has been hard at work during the first half of 2012. We have compiled an Impact Report in order to share with you new resources we’ve created this year, updates on our many existing resources, as well as a brief glimpse into what is to come in our department for the second half of the year.

Since January 1, our team has launched a number of new projects, including an online Military Families portal, a Treatment section of the Autism Video Glossary, and a Combating Bullying page of resources and tools for families facing this growing issue. Some of our other efforts include mailing out thousands of tool kits, responding to over 12,000 phone calls and emails through our Autism Response Team, and providing 180 iPads and thousands of dollars in funding to community organizations, families in crisis, and summer camp to provide scholarships to financially disadvantaged campers.

Check the slideshow of our accomplishments >>