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Vocational Training Education Program

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New York
United States

The Vocational Training Education Program at Devereux Millwood Learning Center (DMLC) teaches students to obtain and retain salaried employment in the general community upon graduation. the staff and parents at DMLC believe, and research has shown, that people with autism can function independently at jobs that are suited to their strengths and abilities, as long as the specific tasks involved in the job are taught to mastery criterion. to match students' abilities with vocational opportunities, the parents and staff complete a vocational preference inventory. This inventory serves to evaluate what type of job the student would enjoy, as well as what type of job the student has the ability to perform. Once this assessment is complete, a job that matches the criteria is found. Students learn their vocational skills at many community non-profits organizations such as FoodBank, SPCA, Muscular Dystrophy Association and the American Red Cross where volunteerism plays an important role.