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Utilizing Motivational Variables to Develop a Model of Social Facilitation in the School Environment to Enhance Social Competence for Adolescents with ASD

Santa Barbara
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United States

This project aims to address four main interrelated areas: creating a model for social facilitation for adolescents with ASD and their typically developing peers; aiming to address the social impairments of adolescents with ASD by fostering their engagement, responsiveness, and initiations toward typically developing peers during social activities (e.g., physical exercise club, game club); using motivational procedures that strategically enhance the likelihood of generalization; and disseminating of evidence-based information and strategies for adolescents with ASD. Therefore, this project will develop an easy to use manual that outlines the specific variables used in this project that families and professionals (e.g., school counselors) can straightforwardly implement in their own communities. Overall, this project is providing motivational opportunities for adolescents with ASD to practice and gain appropriate social skills in natural settings with their typically developing peers.