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TRIP for Young Adults with ASD

San Rafael
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United States

TRIP for ASD will provide young adults with ASDS with the opportunity to get involved in community recreation activities that interest them. The program will allow these young adults to interact with their peers, and will help them develop the necessary social skills to become more independent. TRIP for ASD staff will provide participants with a monthly calendar of community recreation activities, and participants will then register for the activities that interest them. the activities will be led by a recreation coach, who will also help participants with social skills development. Volunteer peer mentors, typically developing young adults, will be paired with participants based on their interests and join them in their activities. The TRIP model creates an environment in which the participants with ASD and the teen mentors can learn from each other. The program will help participants begin to develop both independence and a peer network, and thereby increase social skills, confidence, and overall satisfaction with their lives.

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