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TRIAD Social Skills Summer Camp

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United States

TRIAD Social Skills Summer Camp provides an integrated day camp with specialized social skills curricula targeted at different age groups (7-11 years old, 12-14 years old, and 15-21 years old). In addition to providing a supportive learning environment for the campers with autism, TRIAD Social Skills Summer Camp promotes community awareness and education, provides training activities for future professionals, and helps children better understand and interact with their peers and siblings with autism. As part of pre-camp training, students (both graduate and undergraduate) and professionals who work as counselors at TRIAD Camp are provided with an intensive, multiple-day training experience that focuses on evidence-based best practices for educating individuals with autism, promoting social interactions, and appropriately addressing behavioral and communication strengths and concerns. During camp, peers (both siblings and non-siblings) participate in an ongoing training program to address sensitivity, acceptance, and strategies for including brothers, sisters, and friends of all abilities in social opportunities.

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