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Training Workshop in Pivotal Response Treatments for ASDS

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United States

The goal of this proposal is to increase parental and professional education in an empirically-supported intervention for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). a continuing education workshop on Pivotal Response Treatment will be offered to families and professionals working with children with ASD. It will focus on ways to implement PRT techniques to effectively target appropriate, adaptive behaviors and increase their generalization across various contexts. the workshop will be led by Dr. Daniel Openden, Clinical Services Director for Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC) and the former head of Community Training for the Koegel Autism Center at University of California, Santa Barbara. the training will consists of four consecutive days, 6 hours per day and include presentation of the content material via lecture, videotapes and demonstrations. Parents and professionals will be required to videotape themselves working with the child prior to and during the workshop. These tapes will be viewed and discussed during the training, so there will be interactive feedback by Dr. Openden to facilitate learning of the PRT principles.