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Training for Professionals and Families

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Many families and professionals often have difficulty interpreting and using Special Education Law. in response to this problem, DePaul's Special Education Advocacy Clinic plans to offer continuing legal education courses to practicing attorneys who wish to enhance their knowledge. Additionally, the clinic seeks to train education professionals and parents of children with autism who are unfamiliar with special education law, enabling them to better serve the needs of autistic children. in keeping with DePaul's mission of providing assistance to underserved communities, the Special Education Advocacy Clinic will meet the following target goals within the next year: first, the clinic will enable at least 16 law students to study special education law as applied to actual families, by facilitating collaboration between school districts and parents and by providing direct legal representation and effective advocacy at Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings. Second, the clinic will train at least 100 family members of children with autism statewide, emphasizing outreach to underserved communities. Third, the clinic will provide free direct legal services to at least 20 affected families per year. Fourth, the clinic will offer special education law workshops for at least 50 future teachers, social workers, therapists, and school administrators enrolled in DePaul University's undergraduate and graduate programs. Finally, the clinic will train 20 attorneys in special education law for continuing legal education (CLE) credit.

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