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Training for Awareness and Service

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The project will provide training in the SCERTS® model to the members of the Capitol Region Education Council's Birth to Three teams, which typically include a speech pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, special education coordinator and an early interventionist associate. These teams are often the first professionals to encounter children with ASD and their families, and they play a key role in providing education, information and support and coordinating services. These team members will attend three days of training with Dr. Barry Prizant, one of the developers of the SCERTS® model. As follow-up, Dr. Prizant will provide three days of consultation services, which will include consultation to individual staff, teams and parents; observations; an educational meeting with parents; and a follow-up meeting with Birth to Three team members. the goal of the follow-up activities is to support team members as they apply what they have learned and to increase the awareness and effectiveness of parents.