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'Teens-to-Teens' Website and Facebook Project

United States


Our proposed project seeks $4955.00 for the Teen Club to purchase and utilize iPads and necessary accessories to develop and maintain a ‘Teens-to-Teens with Autism’ website and Facebook page, focused on sharing information and learning experiences with other teens and young adults who may be struggling with similar developmental challenges, as well as, families, peers, and professionals who work with teens, around the world. Costs will also include the initial fee for a web hosting account and name registration.  This project will allow the teens to research topics, vocations, and community resources.  Establishing a website and Facebook page, within safe boundaries approved by professionals and parents,  will provide opportunities for the Teen Club teens to learn, think and communicate about teen issues, social skills, prevocational experiences, friendship, personal experiences, and many topics that can help others in the Autism community.  PCDA does not have the financial resources to purchase this equipment for the Teen Club, nor is funding of equipment available within the program budget.  Teen use of PCDA office equipment is restricted due to the risk for potential HIPAA violations.  The equipment purchased through this project will be for the exclusive use of the Teen Club.