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TEAM Centers Inc. Social and Prevocational Skills

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United States

In order to promote wellness, quality of life, and work satisfaction throughout the lifespan, work-related social skills and pre-vocational skills will be taught in naturalistic settings so that generalization will be less of a problem (which is present when skills are taught in clinic settings). This will in turn provide persons with ASD the social and pre-vocational skills they need to achieve meaningful work now and in the future. Beneficiaries will include persons with ASD (all levels; ages 14-young adult) and typically-developing peer models (ages 16-22), as well as the worksites, and over time, the community as whole. All participants (both with and without ASD) will benefit by learning social and pre-vocational skills in a naturalistic setting as well as gaining the satisfaction of contributing to the greater good through their work. All participants will contribute through actual labor and peer models will also benefit from assisting their fellow human beings attain new skills. Because the participants with ASD will be better-prepared to contribute in meaningful ways to the community, this benefit to the community will have life-long effects.

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