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Supported College Program Pilot Semester

Stony Brook
State/Province Full: 
New York
United States

The Cody Center is making a request to fund a pilot semester of a supported college program for young persons with autism spectrum and related disorders for freshman and sophomore students at Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) who require social and learning supports to be successful in acquiring academic and vocational skills. It is an outgrowth of a summer pre-college program on which the Cody Center and SCCC collaborated, and provides the next step necessary for successful post-secondary education of the population of young persons with autism spectrum disorders. the project provides for a team of part-time staff members specialized in working with transition aged young persons to offer services in a "home base" room at the college, offering academic coaching in time management and study skills, self advocacy, and other skills required to succeed in college, as well as social skills training, vocational exploration and community internships. This partnership makes accessible a public community college education with its affordable price to students with autism spectrum disorders, for whom the disability services office is not able to provide the more intensive services required by this population of young persons. the pilot semester will enroll four to six young persons who meet the normal admission requirements of college but whose high school or college experience to date has indicated that they will not succeed unless additional services are available to help them transition to the independence and behavioral expectations of the college setting.

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