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Successful Reintegration from Hospital to Community After an Emotional/Behavioral Crisis

United States

Community reintegration is a profound challenge for children with autism who have been hospitalized following an emotional/behavioral crisis. Spring Harbor Hospital's Developmental Disorders Unit (DDU) proposes a one year demonstration project to facilitate the transfer of skills and strategies learned in the hospital to the community setting. Children are admitted to the DDU, a specialized child psychiatry unit for children ages 5-20 with autism or intellectual disability, due to severe externalizing behaviors - such as aggression or self injury. Typically, admitted children have been unable to fully access their education, and standard community interventions have failed them. Based upon these experiences we propose a community training and support program for discharged children who live within one hour of the hospital. A clinician who assisted the child during the hospitalization will travel to the receiving school and assess the learning needs of the educational staff and oversee integration of the child’s treatment plan into the educational setting.