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Social Skills Programming for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum: Training School Social Workers

Park Ridge
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United States

This project will provide comprehensive, practice driven, experiential training to 100 school social workers who directly work with many individuals across the autism spectrum. the training will focus on how to provide social developmental skills interventions within school settings. the participants will learn how to apply interventions across the range of skill sets seen within the school age range (more concrete learners through to high functioning learners). the training includes lectures and multiple opportunities for guided practice, development of social activities and feedback from experienced professionals. At the end of training the participants will be able to “do” the social interventions, not just “know” about them. This means at the end of training they must be able to create social games, activities and opportunities for their pupils at their schools. the training incorporates structured teaching methodology which is an instructional strategy specifically designed to accommodate the characteristics strength, neurological differences and limitations of individuals on the autism spectrum. Structured teaching helps an individual with autism by organizing their environment to provide clear concrete meaningful visual information to capitalize on their strength (visual perception) while compensating for weakness in receptive language, distractibility etc.

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